What is Terahertz Water ? 

It is not a water purifier.
It is not a filtration system. 
It is a low-frequency resonance-activation Water Device! 
It is a non-contact, molecular, low-frequency, resonance-activation water device that activates all drinkable liquids (For example: mineral water, filtered water, milk, juices). This device uses a unique physical method of “no addition and no contact’ to convert the water (by using the form of low-frequency, resonance-activation) from a cluster state into a linear structure, which can then be easily absorbed by the body cells. 

What is Terahertz ? 

Terahertz (Thz) is a unit of measure of frequency that equal to 1 Trillion hertz (10 to the power of 12 Hz). It usually refers to the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye And it is in-between the microwave and the infrared (IR) range (yellow portion).

In the 1980s, American scientists discovered an infrared light that matches the vibration frequency of human cells – Terahertz waves. And it can resonate with human cells to activate the body cells, called by scientists 一”wave of life”.

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Terahertz Water – Characteristics

• Linear structure molecule water – easier to absorb by human cells
• Low viscosity- 680 times lower than normal water
• Ant.i-radiation- radiation resistance increased by 2 times
• Antibacterial – because the low frequency can form a natural inhibitorγ effect on unhealthy cells, this phenomenon is called “destructive interference”.
• Anti-oxidation – ratio is 76%, equivalent to 4 times increase in antioxidant capacity

Terahertz Water – Benefits
• Enhance the vitality of the human body
• Lower blood viscosity
• Detoxification
• Repair body cells
• Remove free radical

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